A good idea.

YoungBlood is all about Dramatic Action.
Our key values: creativity, innovation, inclusivity, and integrity have kept YoungBlood at the vanguard of dramatic action for nearly 20 years.


YoungBlood Creations- Fight Directing

Every production is an opportunity for a fresh approach. 

You have assembled a unique cast and creative team, and want to make sure the physical action of the piece is imaginative, vivid and works to the strengths of your actors.

We have a simple formula.  We listen to your vision and requirements, we build a safe team and a safe space, and we aim to inspire and surprise everyone while we work to deliver exactly what you want.

YoungBlood Fight School

When you train with YoungBlood you are embracing the cutting edge of performance. Actors are exceptional. When actors commit to development you deserve real expertise, and that means safety and support.

  But our classes are not just preparing you for a test, they are preparing you for work. Of course we do exams. But at YoungBlood, combat is an opportunity to deepen your primary abilities as an actor.

You learn your craft and develop impeccable fighting skills, but we don't stop simply when you have learned a series of tricks strung together into a routine.

At YoungBlood you learn core combat skills alongside core acting skills. Ultimately when these skills link to your imagination, the creative connection with your partner takes you into an optimum performance state.



YoungBlood was an idea in 2001.

Not many people realise that YoungBlood first existed briefly as a collaboration.There was a new generation of fight directors and combat teachers emerging, but no governing body for fight directing in the UK, certainly no official advocate for the young. So many of the the nascent generation briefly joined.  Within a couple years the ground had already shifted and most YoungBlood members were operating on their own. And YoungBlood changed again. Special thanks to Toby Gaffney, Kevin McCurdy, Oonagh Phelan, Philip d'Orleans, Ben Bellman, and the others who were there at the beginning.